An incredibly pleasant dessert wine, never too sweet thanks to a bright acidity.

Appellation: Moscato di Trani DOC
Vintage: 2020
Grape: Moscato di Trani 100%
Size: 0.375 l
Alcohol: 12%
Service temperature: 12-14°
Pairing: Almond desserts, dry pastries and aged cheeses

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The grapes were picked at the right stage of ripening and sun-dried for 15 days on trays. The drying process determined, on the one hand, the increase of the sugar content and, on the other, the presence of jam and honey aromas that add a considerable complexity to the wine. After the de-stemming and the following soft pressing, fermentation was carried out at a controlled temperature (18 – 20°C). For about a year the fining process was carried out in stainless steel tanks in order to intensify as much as possible the aromatic and qualitative potential of the grape. The period in glass lasted 12 months.

Kaloro is bright golden yellow in color. On the nose, fruity notes of white peaches and apricots give way to sweet sensations of acacia honey. The palate is soft and fresh with pleasant mineral sensations. Kaloro is captivating with excellent balance and lingering aromatic profile, typical of this grape variety. A dessert wine that can be enjoyed immediately or appreciated in the years to come.